Camping FAQs

  1. If you are the 1st place after you cross the train tracks and your name is New River Junction, does that mean there are trains?
    YES and they do run at night. Many of our campers have been coming for over 25 years and the trains do not take away from being here at the river. They also frequently tell us that they never even hear them the 2nd night. If you are a train enthusiast or someone who loves the river as much as we do this could be your dream vacation. If the thought of being woken up at night horrifies you, then please look elsewhere. Every major river in Virginia does have train tracks somewhere along its course. This was the only way the railroad could get through the mountains without blasting them all to pieces. The conductors are required by law to blow their horn at all crossings and would lose their jobs if they didn’t.
  2. “I am on Interstate 81 and just need a place to stop for the night. Is this a good idea”?
    MAYBE NOT. We are about 25 miles from the interstate. The campers who stay here do so for our access to the river and associated activities, not closeness to the highway. If you are not on a tight schedule, would like to be somewhere peaceful with beautiful natural surroundings and would prefer the occasional mournful sound of a train whistle rather than listening to non-stop highway noise all night, then come on by! We do not have pull through RV sites, they are all back-in. Most are right on the riverbank. There is a 2 night minimum on the weekends, 3 night minimum on holiday weekends and reservations are required for all camping. There are campgrounds in the area that are right next to the highway if you are just looking for somewhere to park for the night. The Sportsman at exit 105. Interstate overnight park at exit 118. Dixie Caverns at exit 132.
  3. Can I bring my dog?
    YES. They must be on a leash and under control. Absolutely no digging or barking and of course clean up after them. If they are going to dig up our beautiful grass we work so hard to provide for you or bark non-stop please leave them with a dog-sitter.
  4. Do you have 50 amp electric service?
    NO. We have 30 amp. We have never had a problem with 50 amp RVs hooking up to our electric. You will most likely need an adapter if you have a 50 amp plug. They are readily available from most camping supply stores. If you are unsure, just ask us.
  5. Do you have cable tv?
    NO. The cable company can not run wires over the train tracks. You should be out having fun in the river anyway!
  6. Is there WI-FI available?
    YES. FREE wireless internet is available from anywhere in the campground. Just ask at the office for the password.
  7. Can I get a tent site right on the riverbank?
    NO. But, we are a small campground, so nowhere is far from the river! The sites directly on the riverbank are water & electric sites for campers and motorhomes. The tent sites are across our gravel road (75 feet) from the riverbank. They are located there so there is both more room for your tents and shade so your tent doesn’t get boiling hot in the sun.
  8. When should I call to make a reservation for camping?
    As soon as you are sure you are coming! Holidays, events and weekends fill up quickly. Please call between the hours of 11am to 6pm.
  9. Am I allowed to bring my own firewood?
    NO. Due to all the recent bug and disease outbreaks and the sensitivity of the surrounding environment, we no longer allow outside firewood. Our wood is locally produced hardwood, shrink wrapped with a handle, burns for about 2 hrs. and is $5 a bundle. We will even give you free fire starter with every bundle! Think this is unnecessary? Do a search for the Emerald Ash Borer. Almost all of our trees here in the campground are Ash trees.
  10. Do you have group rates for camping?
    YES. If you are a recognized organization or a group, (church group, boy scouts, business etc…) our group rate is $8.00 per person per night. Friends and families staying at one of our three group sites do not qualify for this discounted rate.
  11. Are there grills in the campground?
    NO. The only campsite that has a grill is site #6 which is a RV site with a picnic shelter. You may bring your own grill or a grill grate to cook over your fire.
  12. How bad are the mosquitoes?
    There aren’t any! There is not any stagnant water for them to breed in.