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It has been written that mile for mile the New River produces more citation smallmouth and muskie than any other river in Virginia.

What does that mean for you? That means that every time you make a cast in the New River, your chances of hooking into a trophy smallmouth are better than anywhere in the state of Virginia. The New River holds 4 state records for smallmouth, (8lbs. 1oz.!!) walleye, (15lbs.15oz.) muskie, (45lbs.8oz.) and hybrid striped bass. (13lbs.) Claytor Lake also holds the state record for spotted bass. (3lbs. 10oz.)

Whether you’re parking for the day or camping for a weekend you can now have access to what we think is the best smallmouth fishing on the New River.

One of the reasons the smallmouth fishing is so good here at the Junction is because of our catch and release policy. We started a catch and release policy with the fishermen that park and fish in 1993. Then in 1995 we started it with the campers. Fish numbers were really starting to dwindle, but now their numbers are higher than ever.

Whether wading, tubing, or canoeing, a typical day can easily result in landing 50-75 smallmouth. Add in with that many red eyes along with an occasional catfish, or a muskie that steals your favorite plug, and that should make for a pretty good day of fishing.

Some of the biggest smallmouth caught are caught by our tubers. So next time you bring your fishing rod, try fishing while you tube!

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