Tubing FAQs

  1. Do I have to give a deposit for the items I rent?
    We do require 1 driver license for every 2 adult tubes instead. Many tubing places require a $25 cash deposit. We think holding an ID is a much friendlier way of doing things.
  2. Do I have to wear shoes?
    It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you wear shoes. We have never let any glass in the river, but cannot control what other people do. Also, if you go through the rapids, you will need to walk back up the 200yds. on the side of the road. You will be much more comfortable with a pair of shoes. Flip flops are better than nothing, but not much better and are VERY easy to lose. We have water shoes for sale in the office for $12.00 if you forget to bring your own.
  3. Is there a minimum age to go tubing?
    NO, ANYONE can tube! Our section of the New River is very family friendly. There is about a mile stretch where the river is calm and shallow with a 200 yard set of rapids at the end. Our park and the bus stop are above the rapids, so you DO NOT have to do the rapids to go tubing. At higher water levels we may recommend not allowing children under a certain age (depends on level) to not go through the rapids. We do recommend that all children get out before the rapids on their first trip down, so that they may become familiar with the rapids before they go through them.
  4. Do I have to use the bus service to get back to the New River Junction from Big Falls Park?
    YES. If you rent tubes from the New River Junction, you MUST use the bus service.
  5. Do I have to park my vehicle at the New River Junction?
    YES. For 29 years the New River Junction has been trying to eliminate the parking problem at Big Falls Park. To access Big Falls Park or to use the bus service you MUST have a wristband. Wristbands are given to you with your tube rental or can be acquired by purchasing a Big Falls Park pass.
  6. Do I need a reservation to come tubing?
    NO. Only groups of ten or more people (who have printed off a Group Tubing Form) need to make a reservation.
  7. Do I need to bring my grilling supplies and charcoal if I want to grill out at Big Falls Park?
    NO. We provide grills, picnic tables, charcoal, lighter fluid, paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils. All you need is a spatula or a pair of tongs.
  8. Am I allowed to bring my dog tubing?
    YES. We have tubes with bottoms in them just for dogs. They are the same price as the cooler tubes. ($5/$6 weekend) However, your dog must be on a leash anytime they are on land. No barking or digging and make sure you clean up after your dog. Make sure your dog is comfortable about being in a tube before you take off down the river (some dogs jump ship and swim to shore…you don’t want to spend your day searching for your dog).
  9.  Is there a place I can hang my keys while I tube?
    YES. We have 2 key racks at the entrance to the tube corral (this is where you pick up your tube). We HIGHLY suggest that you leave whatever you don’t want the river to take in your car (keys, wallets etc. included). Ask to see our collection of lost keys!!
  10. How long does the entire float take?
    About an hour, depending on the water level.
  11. How cold is the water?
    NOT COLD! The water stays in the 80’s to as high as 91 degrees through September. See the text box on the lefthand side of the home page for more information.
  12. Do you have lunch for sale?
    NO. But we do sell snacks, drinks, icecream.
  13. When is the best time to go tubing?
    ANYTIME! But if you want to avoid the crowds and save some money, come on a weekday.
  14. Can I pass the yellow buoys and go to the left side of the river without my tube on a yellow level day?
    NO. Everyone who is using New River Junction facilities, MUST stay to the right side of the river and between the yellow buoys on a yellow level day.
  15. What is a usage fee?
    This is a small fee for guests who bring their own tubes or boats, but would still like to access the river and to use the shuttling service. These visitors also have access to the grills