The river will draw you, gently and peacefully, as you float over small riffles in your tube. About a mile down stream the rapids are splashing. Ride the rapids a few times then visit Big Falls Park, where the park grills will be hot and ready for cooking. The free shuttle bus will be available when you decide to go back for another trip down the river. A lazy, inner tube drift down a mile of pristine river cupped in a tree-lined mountain valley provides the perfect escape from a hot summer day.

Tubing Fees
Rental Fees (Weekend / Weekday)

Adult Tube & Life Jacket  $15/$10
Child Tube & Life Jacket $10/$8
Cooler Tube $6/$5
Parking $2
Lost Tube $25
Late Tube $5 per 15 minutes

If you lose your tube, there’s a $25 fee to cover replacing it.
If you lose track of time and keep your tube after 6 PM, we charge you $5 for each 15 minutes you’re late.

So what does my tubing fee cover?

  • Unlimited Tubing All Day!
  • Free shuttle from Big Falls Park back to New River Junction
  • Free grilling service at Big Falls Park.  We provide the tables, grills, charcoal, lighter fluid, plates, napkins and plastic utensils.  Heck, we’ll even light the grill for you – just bring your food and cooking utensils.

Reservations are not required for tubing unless you have a group of 10 or more people. Unlike many other tube rental outfits there is no schedule of when trips leave or are picked up. The earlier you arrive, the more trips you can make. Buses run non-stop during weeekend tubing hours. On weekdays, there is a call box at the park which will page the bus driver to come and get you whenever you need it!

Group Tubing
Make sure to take advantage of our Group Discount if you’re coming to the Junction with 10 or more people! Group tubing is great for reunions, office retreats, birthday parties and more! Prior to your arrival, be sure to print off and completely fill out our Group Tubing Form (including numbers of what you need Adult/Kid tubes, Lifejackets, etc.) If there are any children under 16, be sure to print and sign a Parent Waiver for them. When you arrive, send one person to the window to pay for everyone.
Make sure you call ahead [540-639-6633] to make your reservation for any group of 10 or more.

Group Size Discount
All Group Sizes 10% Discount
Group Tubing Form
Tubing Tips
  • After you pay for your tubes in the office, bring your TICKET along with your DRIVER’S LICENSE to the tube corral where you will pick up your tubes.
  • You will need ONE LICENSE for every TWO ADULT TUBES (these will be filed until you return your tubes).
  • KEEP UP WITH THE TUBE THAT WAS ASSIGNED TO YOU! You are responsible for the tube number that you are assigned. If you return someone else’s tube, you will STILL be liable for YOUR ORIGINAL TUBE. This means that if your tube does not show up, you will have to pay the replacement fee of $25.
  • Do not bring anything into the river that you care about losing. We have a key rack at the entrance to the tube corral, otherwise it is a good idea to leave everything in your vehicle.
  • We do not allow glass or styrofoam in the river, so please plan accordingly.
  • At lower green levels walk out about 50 yards from the shore and start your float past the first ledge.
  • To avoid bumping into rocks left and right when the water level is down, keep your butt up and your feet first!
  • Big Falls Park and the shuttle bus pick-up point are located just before the rapids on the right side of the river. This is the ONLY location for pick up. If you go through the rapids, get out at one of the beaches just below them and walk back up to the park (it’s only about 150 yards). There is no shoulder on this road, so please be aware of potential traffic.
Tubing with Children
Our section of the New River is very family-friendly. There is about a mile stretch where the river is calm and shallow with a 200 yard section of rapids at the end. Our bus stop at Big Falls Park is before the rapids, so you DO NOT have to go through the rapids to go tubing.

We do require anyone under the age of 16 to wear life jackets any time they are in the river. You may bring one of your own (make sure it is Coast Guard approved. There will be a label on the inside.) or rent one from us for FREE. Children under 16 must stay on the right side of the river where the water is generally less than 3 feet deep.

This Waiver Form must be reviewed and signed by a parent prior to any child tubing at New River Junction.

At higher water levels we may recommend not allowing children under a certain age (depends on the level and their age) to go through the rapids. We do recommend that all children get out before the rapids on their first trip down, so that they may become familiar with the rapids before they go through them. You can get out before the yellow buoys at Big Falls Park and walk down the road, look at the rapids, watch a few other people go through, discuss it with the kids and then you decide who goes and who doesn’t. If you do decide to go through the rapids, wade out at the boat ramp far enough so you can float between the yellow buoys. That will set you up for the safest and most fun ride through the rapids.

Bringing Your Own Kayak or Tube

If you would like to launch a boat from NRJ there is a usage fee ($5 weekdays, $8 weekends). This includes use of the shuttle bus to bring you or your boat back to the office if you need it.  NRJ’s rules still apply.  No glass or styrofoam, and you must be back by 6 PM.


Unlike nearly every other tubing facility in the country, we let you bring your own tubes! You must go to the window and get a wristband. ($5 weekday , $8 weekend) Again, all NRJ rules apply including the water level rules,  children under 16 must wear lifejackets, no glass or styrofoam, you must ride our shuttle buses and be back by 6.
WARNING: Pool floats and cheap vinyl tubes are not suitable for river tubing! We use heavy duty inner tubes because that is the only thing that will guarantee you a pleasant float down the river, not a walk.