Water Levels & the NRJ Stoplight


What is that stoplight for?

New River Junction has always been focused on helping people enjoy the river SAFELY. Our water level stoplight is just one more way we have found to do that. The three colors correspond to different water levels, red being high and green low. There are different rules for each color. Each level has its advantages and disadvantages, so taking a little time to familiarize yourself with the different levels will help you plan and enjoy your trip to the Junction.

  • RED: Closed to tubing due to dangerous high water conditions.
  • YELLOW: All tubers must stay river right and between the 2 yellow buoys through the rapids.
  • GREEN: Tubers have access to entire river.

PLEASE NOTE: Children under 16 must wear their life jacket at all times and stay river right and between the buoys regardless of level!

River right is the side the Junction and Big Falls Park are on.

DO NOT go left or right of the buoys on a yellow day or with children.

This is the safest and most fun way! Entering the rapids anywhere between the buoys will take you into the center of the channel where the most water is. When you want to go through the rapids again do not get in right at the shore. Always wade out so you are going between the buoys. The easiest way to do this is to get in at the upper boat ramp next to the grills in the middle of the park. It is more shallow there and the current is less strong.